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Salmon Fishing Around Thurso and Wick

Although we sit on “our own” river we are also well placed for the Thurso, Halladale and Naver rivers.


From Loch More to the sea 20 miles away, Thurso offers good fishing over 13 varied two rod beats. Fish run from February to October and in a good season the river produces well over 1000 rod caught salmon, in fact the current 5 year average is running at 1800 fish a year.

Rods can be booked by the week or day permits are available from the River Manager Eddie MacCarthy.


Strath Halladale lies only about a 10 minutes drive west of Forss. There are 4 beats, each fishing up to 3 rods. Around 400 fish are caught annually.

Rods can be booked by the week or day’s permits are available from Audrey Imlach on 01641 571271.


Six 2 rod beats stretch the length of this lovely river offering good access and excellent sport. Beats are lengthy and each has a ghillie who will share his knowledge and add to your success.

Day permits are available from The Store, Bettyhill or phone 01641 521207.

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