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The People At Forss House Hotel & Restaurant

Anne - Manager

A legend in her own lifetime, Anne has been a fixture at Forss for over 25 years now. Known up and down the country she is famous for her sharp wit, swift retorts and knowledge of every whisky in the bar (that's near enough 300 of them!).  She looks after all of us – staff and guests.

Assistant Manager Kathy and the Housekeeping Team

Our injection of Antipodean charm, Kathy looks after the days at Forss, but will also be seen on all the big occasions in the evening too. A bit different from her previous job in the funeral business, she has been taking the lead on driving forward our ambitions to be more environmentally conscious and inspiring us all with her enthusiasm.  In charge of the household team she is helped by a great team of local ladies Janet, Judy and Eilidh.

Janette - Breakfast waitress

Just as well Janette is a morning person as she has been serving breakfast at Forss for the last 8 years. If you are up with the sparrows she can be seen wheeling her bicycle down the drive early in the mornings, whatever the weather. 

Phil - Maintenance and night cover

Been with us for 4 years, Phil is really here for the surf and we try to work his day around the best waves. Phil is in charge of maintenance and the garden and is a brilliant fixer of everything, much needed in an old house like Forss. He is also on call if there are any problems in the night; just as well that he is calm in a crisis.

Head Chef Paul and the Kitchen Team

Paul joined us earlier this year from the Borders.  A former banker who saw the light, if he is not to be found in the Forss kitchens or at Scrabster Fish Mart he is sure to be spotted walking his dog Beatrix, camera in hand.  He is a very popular addition to our team, especially because of his skills with chocolate! He is ably assisted by two up and coming young chefs Ross and Robbie local boys, who both are both graduates from Thurso College.

Ian and Sabine – Owners

Moved to the Highlands from the smoke in 1999. Ian discovered Forss and persuaded Sabine to come and look at the house on a lovely blue sky Caithness day, one foot over the threshold and she was smitten too.  Ian tries to look after the money and Sabine spends it!


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