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Large Selection of Malt Whisky at Forss House

The bar at Forss House Hotel has near enough 300 whiskies representing the best that Scotland has to offer.  The bar is ably overseen by Anne, who is always happy to make a recommendation, not forgetting to add the famous Forss “teardrop” to bring out the flavour.

Under Anne’s guidance you can travel the length and breadth of Scotland from the soft lowlands to the fiery, peaty whiskies of the Western Islands of Islay and Skye, taking in a good number of Speyside classics along the way.

Malt Whisky & Hotel Bar in Thurso

We can’t possibly list them all, but of course one of our favourites is our local Old Pulteney, distilled in Wick. The 21 Year old was voted “World Whisky of the Year” in Jim Murray’s prestigious Whisky Bible of 2012.  Old Pulteney was the most Northerly distillery but we now have another called Wolfburn in Thurso.  Although a young malt, guests have enthused about it already.

Amongst her other favourites are the Islay 18 year olds which are a completely new experience for the Islay whisky lover, being surprisingly smooth and mellow compared to the younger whiskies.

We are also lucky to have a 35 year old Cask Strength Brora from a distillery no longer distilling.